Joyful Accomodations

10 Sep

Mused Me

I am currently writing a little story experimenting with my characters and kind of getting the jist of what they’d do in moments where strangers pop up in their life. Let me give you an excerpt.

Joy sat at her window, watching the clouds in the distance float towards the castle. They were a cheery white and Joy wondered, What would it be like to be a cloud? They grew heavy with rain then sprinkled their life bringing water along the earth, and disappeared in the twinkle of an eye. She wondered what floating would feel like. I can float. But would they let me? Joy wanted to try it out but she was a little skeptical due to her family that would definitely be worried if she so dared to attempt it.
Turning her gaze down to the ground, she noticed a young boy that she’d never seen before laying on…

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