17 Sep

Those who follow me probably know I’m a Hetalia fan. I’m not the kind who buys the merchandise, but I do follow up on everything that’s going on. I also have an oc, Iran/Nasim Shirazi, whom I personified because I’m Iranian and being of that nationality makes it so much easier to write out her personality and I also know all the stereotypes people give Iranians.

The most common one is the “terrorist” thing all because of a small group of people who are not and never were from Iran. That one I use a lot less because I find it very unnerving.

The second one is the whole “burkas are a must!!!!” which isn’t true. Though we do have to cover our hair, the ladies often pull out their bangs and let the scarf hang loosely. My great aunt (recently deceased) wore burkas but that’s only because she is more religious than the rest of us. And we do not wear them inside the house.

The third one is the fact that we always eat rice and kabobs.

This is mostly true. We do eat rice every freaking day, but we do not eat kabobs every day because we like to save up the kabob seasoning for a party or something.

The fourth one is the idea that we drink 20 liters of tea a day.

Yeah right. But it is true that we drink a LOT of tea. We prefer loose leaf tea over bagged tea because bagged tea tastes like cardboard and splenda. Iranians don’t have a “tea time” but we usually drink tea after or before lunch, when it’s nice and sunny.

The fifth one is about all the women who use wayyyy too much make-up.

Just like in any other country with citizens who have diverse personalities, Iranians have a group of women who wear about 7 pounds of make-up a day. Sure, we all just want to throw a bucket of soap water on them, but we have to deal with it.

The sixth one: The men degrade the women!

Every country has to deal with abusive people and bullies, sadly, but this doesn’t mean that all people are evil. Not every Iranian man degrades his wife/daughter, nor are they misogynists.

The seventh one deals with “Iranians have hairy butts”

Well guys, that’s true. But we also have a godly tool called…the razor.

The eighth one says “Iranians have nine wives!”

I wish! But even though polygamy is allowed, it’s considered social taboo in Iran.

9: Iranian women are not allowed to go outside without male consent!

That is not true. It may be true for teenagers (proper caution) but not for adult women. We are completely capable of controlling ourselves and what goes on around us.We don’t need consent to go outside for a visit.

The tenth one: Iranians hate westerners!

That’s not true! We love westerners and western culture. We know that every person is different and that their decisions should not affect the way other people should be treated. Though there are a few people out there who are stubborn and refuse to believe in diversity and equality, we try our best to hide those from the Westerners.

Everyone wears top-brand clothing and cologne:

We don’t always do that…I often find myself falling in love with thrift stores and goodwill. A group of Iranians love bargaining and coupons and everything that’s free. But we do have at least one bottle of name-brand cologne.

We hate Turks:


I mean, just look at them. I’m kidding. We just like joking about them and “Turks are idiots” is a running gag reel. Turkish people are cool (though quite…tsundere)

We smoke a lot:

Yeah, I know. My uncles smoke a lot (except for Elias) but not everyone smokes. We usually take care of our health and stay in shape. As long as “sphere” is considered a shape.


Yes, some people have a tendency to pour the whole bottle of Giorgio Armani’s “Acqua di Gio” but that’s only 99% of the population.

Okay, I made the last part up..but seriously, we don’t use THAT MUCH.

Iranians are like cats:

what. In what way.

anyways, I hope you enjoyed this brief look into stereotypes and just so you know, I’m perfectly fine with any other stereotypes you have about Iranians. It would help me with my research.

Your amigo,



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