Doctor Who Cosplay

18 Sep


Well, not really.

I have a big problem with the obnoxiously long scarf. I can’t find the right colors or sizes for it. I could go to and buy one but they’re 300 dollars for something I could make for, at the most, 30 dollars. It’s ridiculous. So, I’m going to make it myself, and make it as accurate as possible. is really helping me out with finding the colors. Let’s just hope that Jo-Ann has all of the colors I’m looking for ^^;

Anyways, I have the trench coat and the Jelly Babies (F*CK YEAH), so all I need is the afro, scarf and the hat (optional)….it would be nice to include the lip scar too but that won’t be needed.

HNNNG so excited ❤


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