Awkward Requests

21 Sep

I’ve had tons of awkward requests.

Recently I’ve been given the worst one yet, a fanfiction about Dean and Castiel from “Supernatural.” I’m a horrible story writer, coming from poetry roots, and on top of that I have a ghastly topic to work with.

*cough* mpreg *cough*

So obviously I’m dealing with authors guilt and a whole ton of shame ^^; If you don’t know what mpreg is…don’t look it up. I’m saving you from this horrible fate.

But I’ve dealt with killing off every single one of my characters, hurting them, I’ve tore off their noses (I’ll explain some other day…) and forced them into whore houses (I’ll never explain this) so I guess it should be easy for me to write THIS.

It’s not.


I can only write it if it involves aliens…and…it doesn’t involve aliens…

PLUS Castiel is an angel, right? (or am I wrong? I don’t watch that much Supernatural)

The last time I wrote something relevant to pregnancies, my character died. (poor Daiti) so I don’t think it’s wise to make me write mpreg.

Plus, Daiti is a chick.


How on Earth am I going to write this…without being half-hearted.

Well, being sick and having multiple internal battles is not going to fix anything.

If any of you are writers, please give me advice or tell me about any awkward requests you have.



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