Loki Is A Miserable Trickster

21 Sep


How much deep sh** can he get in during this life?

I mean, having a giant wife, one horse kid, one hell child and one sea serpent kid is enough, but do I even have to MENTION Narfi and Vali?

Apparently the Æsir was really mad at him for being nothing but trouble, so they take Loki and his two sons, Narfi and Vali, into a cave (pretty much kidnapped them). Then they made Vali turn into a wolf and tear apart Narfi, then take Narfi’s entrails and bind Loki to some rocks. The entrails turned into iron after that.


The Æsir is made up of Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Tyr.

Odin, it’s bad enough you killed Loki’s family and stole him from his homeland, but THIS? and why drag along Thor too? I just think this family is dysfunctional and they totally need to talk to Dr.Phil or go on The Maury Show.

Okay, maybe not The Maury Show (though they belong there. I mean, imagine Maury saying “Odin…you are NOT the father of Loki!”..um anywho)

Your baffled companion,



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