Lucid Dreaming, Dream Stages

27 Sep

Last night I attempted lucid dreaming.

Needless to say, the first time almost never works, but I got close enough. I just forgot to summon my item and everything went askew.


anyways, I did succeed in entering a deeper level of sleep. Most people get into level 2 of sleep, but I have a billion different problems to I only enter level one and on occasions I don’t sleep at all (that’s why netflix is my friend.) I succeeded in entering level 2 but it ended briefly after my great grandfather (Grandpoppa Joe) popped up randomly (recently deceased.)

It’s odd.

I always seem to be haunted by that face of his…the one when he was in the coffin. I’m afraid of seeing Aaron in a coffin like that too *shudder*

if you also didn’t know, i can’t STAND dead things. Whether it be a fly or a loved one…I can’t go over there. My friends always want me to go to a cemetery with them (I know, odd) But I just put it off for later.


I’m going to attempt lucid dreaming over and over again until I get it. So excited for tonight!



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