I Got A Need

28 Sep

so, I’ve been looking at 1930’s mugshots.

EVERYONE is classy as hell! They’ve committed theft of all sorts and most are con-artists, but they are so DAPPER!


This is Herbert Ellis- he’s broken into houses,shops, safes, is a receiver or stolen goods and a suspected person.In 1934 he’s convicted of possessing stolen goods, stealing, receiving and throwing a missile.  You couldn’t tell by his classy style, could you?


This is Right De Gracy and Edward Dalton, crime unknown but probably theft or the art of conning. I like how their face shows no caring, no emotions.


The details of William Cahill’s crime are unknown, but I love that he’s smiling. He’s also quite handsome xD


This is Harry Crawford – otherwise known as Eugenia Falleni! Eugenia is a woman who pretended to be a man and married another woman – but when her wife realized that “Harry” is a woman- Eugenia murdered her.

Jebus Crust…

Imagethese four,  H. Hirscham, C.J. Keevil, W.T. O’Brien and J. O’Brien, were charged with numerous robberies – bandits, they called em’.



this guy is a pick-pocketer and a con artist, his name being Walter Keogh.


These are just some of the criminals I’m nuts about – it’s interesting how much more classy/civilized looking they were back then. Now on people look like nightmares.

Seriously *shudder*

Also, I’m not promoting criminal behavior at all. I just think the way these photos are taken and the stories they tell are really cool. I should probably get my old camera now and take a bunch of pictures and then process them o3o

Your criminally insane companion,





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