1 Oct

That Angry Bastard's Weblog

Vote for Obama or vote for Romney, I don’t care. It’s just the same mouthwash swishing over to the other cheek. We’re screwed as a country either way. Really. And everybody is talking about the world ending in December, but I don’t fuckin’ see it. Our generation is such a minuscule blip on the radar of human existence. We’d never be lucky enough to be the generation that gets to witness a biblical apocalypse. Things are just going to keep on keeping on, and we’re left to watch. Nothing is getting worse. Because everything has ALWAYS been fucked. Our country was bought and paid for decades ago, the law will never serve and protect US, and the only people that break the rules set forth by the constitution make so much goddamned money that they can just buy their way in and out of it.

How much sense does that make? “Hey…

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