Poems, This One In Particular

1 Oct

Like the sweet leaves of Autumn

I fall down again

But unlike these submissive little leaves

That falls only for the satisfaction of touching the ground

fulfilling it’s job, without complaint 

I have fallen for a man of cynical disposition

One year my junior, he befuddled and captured me

He makes my heart do butterfly kicks and doggy paddles

Though these feelings are brief

They’re overwhelming

and it’s tearing me asunder….

Must I let go of the rules I have stated cleary

“Never love a man who is mad

Never love a man younger that me

Never love a man who doesn’t love me

Never love at all”

Shall I let these go just for the satisfaction of wooing him?

Someone who is a fluttering image in my mind

Just a mere empty glimmer that I wish I had?

Or shall I keep myself down

Under the radar that I so often wish detected me

 I know for sure, not to wait

But I do want

I always want


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