1 Oct

named Thebohiranian xD

The other day I was watching the 1984 version of Sherlock and I glimpsed Sherlock and Watson walking down the street, locking arms and being super happy.

Let’s just say there was a lot of everything and nothing coming out of my mouth.

Also, Rosalie Williams did an adorable job or portraying the roll of Mrs.Hudson.

she’s soooo cute!

I kind of lost my love for the new Sherlock after going back to the old Sherlock, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate such a successful show.

There have been at least 75 actors who portrayed Sherlock, so you really can’t pick a favorite.

But mines is Jeremy Brett *shot* actually, I’m going to watch as many Sherlock movies as possible so I can see other portrayals and see if I actually CAN have a favorite…


enough rambling!

Happy days, my dearest



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