In My Mind: Improving Your Outlook On Life

2 Oct

I had a bit of a rough night ^^; all of the anxiety seemed to come together and blow up like in a supernova or something.

The next day, I was normal, fine.


Anyways, enough of that.

I was listening to a song by Amanda Palmer, called “In My Mind” which talks about what she wanted in her life and how she never got it, and then realized that she has everything she wants and needs right here, and all those images in her head were really just that. Images, that did not dictate her actions.

I really like this song and I think it has a very nice ring to it. I’ve always had trouble with self esteem and figuring out what I wanted in the future- Now I just think I should enjoy the life I have and not let any future ideas get in the way of my enjoyment. 



Ah, just listen to me. I feel horrible and this is the outcome!

One thing I decided to do was go vegan for a whole entire month and I just started yesterday – I woke up a good hour before the time I usually wake up- and I don’t feel tired at all.

 stay sweet my friends



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