3 Oct

I’m okay with this 😀

Luby's Review

These are my sketches for The Thing on the Doorstep, the next HP Lovecraft story I’m cartooning. It was one of, if not the first Lovecraft story I ever read. It has the emotional content lacking in nearly every other story he wrote.


Dan and Ed have been good friends since childhood, and both had affection for the morbid and shocking throughout their childhood. Dan outgrew this, Ed didn’t, instead pursuing the dark arts by way of natural gravitation from dark to darker. These thaumaturgic experiments draw Ed into a dark descent into a fate worse than death.

Asenath Waite is a strange, dark beauty who’s penchant for sorcery attracts Ed to her, despite her evil reputation. They eventually marry, but she soon shows that she is more than she seems, and becomes the central figure in Ed’s road to ruin. What is her terrible connection to her father, the…

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