3 Oct

So right now I’m working on a fanfiction about Edward Pickman Derby, Asenath Waite, Daniel Upton and the relationship between them (based on “The Thing On The Doorstep” by H.P. Lovecraft.) It’s going very well so far and I’m soaking up as much information and other things as possible.

I want Asenath to be the destruction of Edward, but I believe her father took over Asenath after he died and used her to go into places no man should even think of going into. Edward seems to be schizo-effective at first but it is later revealed – how about you just read “The Thing On The Doorstep” ?

sorry, I feel like I’m giving away spoilers….it’s one of my favorite stories, right next to “The Lurking Fear”

anyways, I’m writing this fanfic, it’s going great (though it takes a while) also, I found this artist who draws characters from H.P. Lovecraft stories and other stories (I think) and he is AMAZING! I love his art style ❤ this is the blog with all of his artwork  ~hnnng~

well, I’m done fangirling. Back to fanfic writing!

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