Carmine. (He’s gone)

8 Oct

my dearest


who’s changed his attitude along with his name

you said that I was the only one

and that you would be my Akira

loyal dog…who always bites the hand that feeds

and I’m paranoid because of your threats

but I love you and I know you mean the best for me

you stupid pathetic crust of what a demented jerk would’ve been

I’m sorry…I don’t mean that

I never did


and you thought threatening me was the way to go

just because I wanted to leave

you said “bitches like you never learn”

…so there are others?

you’re going to beat me like a pillow

and leave me like a tea kettle on the stove

but did you know

that I was never there to hurt you

I thought I could fix your problems and make you better

but instead I ruined your life


my Akira

I don’t know if I’ll wake up tomorrow

it depends on your mood

my lost friend



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