Impractical Theories (Poem)

9 Oct

Those stars have become the eyes of the night

A witness of the cloud’s sorrow

That forces it to tear up and have a complete meltdown

The wind swells and swells with screams

Passing on the word of the trees

The gossip that breaks and bends tender limbs

Ambulances pass by on the streets

More than the bushes and the trees, I shake in fear

“Who’s next?” I ask

Paranoia getting the best of me

Pinning me down and stripping my dignity

Who will leave me next?

A cousin, a grandparent, a distant friend, who?

Will I go into a panicked state

Forever stuck in a pandemonium of fear

But the ambulance passed, and so did the night

The fear subsided as I reminded myself

“It’ll be fine…Death’s reign is over”

But in time that theory will be proven wrong

And my spirits will be downed by the cold reality

That is in the future

I should not worry about something that might or might not happen

I should not worry at all…

How I wish to be as wise and high-spirited as the stars

The eyes of the night

That watch over my life


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