10 Oct

Right now I’m working on a multi-media story called “Russians in Space.”  The cast is pretty much full of crack (strange humor). They all travel in a vodka bottle. I have three males, one female and a lamprey.

That’s right.

A lamprey.

The characters are based on some very close friends of mine (we came up with the idea collectively. We all contributed to it) Here are the brief descriptions of the characters.

(curly hair not shown)

1. Yulia

Yulia is the only female on board. She’s 5’2″, a head full of bouncy curls, and tan with sparkling amber eyes.  She’s very quirky and is naturally gifted with sarcasm. She has no love interest but is very affectionate towards everyone except for Nikolai. She wears anything that’s comfortable and nice-looking.

2. Dragovitch (Dracovitch)

This guy is 6’5″ tall and has a mysterious afro full of things that he stored in there/ get caught in there. He’s very bubbly and friendly but if you catch him off guard (which is rare) he’ll do a demonic gobbling voice(voiced by me.) It’s pretty terrifying.He has a single black eye. He usually wears a red, plaid jacket with dark pants.

3. Nikolai

Nikolai is about 5’6″ and has a permanently angry face. He once smiled as a kid. ONCE. He’s very cynical and has a very classy style. He’s bald (shiny head) and has protruding ears. It’s amazing. He often walks around with a half-empty jar…or is it half full? I believe there is a hamster genie in it but only he and the lamprey can see it. Nobody likes him so nobody cares about what he wears.


LAMPREY-SAMA is a lamprey that Dragovitch keeps in a jar or in his ever-expanding hair. LAMPREY-SAMA enjoys activities such as singing, reading, and attacking Billy-Bob-Joe.

5. Billy-Bob-Joe Smith

The typical American who met the Russians by accident and began traveling with them. He’s often attacked by LAMPREY-SAMA, wears Aeropostale, is 5’7″ and is dirty blonde. He hates everyone on the crew. Especially LAMPREY-SAMA.


2 Responses to “NEW BOOK-DESU”

  1. samssocial October 18, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Nice drawings

    • thebohiranian October 19, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

      they’re not mine o3o my scanner is not working…the only one that is mine is Dragovitch :3

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