night call

10 Oct

I’m a sleeper

How do you expect me to wake up at night

To hear your voice slurring in your drunkenness

Oh I hate you so much

I want to love you right to the bone

I want you to call me and realize

That I’m a manipulative self-killer

Oh why did you have to love such a psycho?

Psycho and a sick freak

Who can end a relationship with a quick streak

I keep running and yet I find myself in the same place

I’m so impossible

The unrescuable of the bunch

I like to manipulate people and make them hate you

Hurtful…yes that’s true

I know all the bad things I did to you

Playing the victim is my favorite roleplay

And if I cry…they’re crocodile tears for sure

And I refuse to see a doctor – there’s no cure

My friends think I’m happy and submissive

But they’ve never dated me before

Oh I like the pain and I love screaming

It makes me feel overpowering

Don’t tell me that it’s wrong to be this way


God you make me go insane

A fighter, who only fights what’s gone

I’m an impossible girl


So don’t fix me…tonight….


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