By No Means

21 Oct

Note before this: There is swearing and sensitive material in this one. I also don’t mean what I’m saying. The woman I’m speaking of doesn’t need to do anything or explain why she dislikes me.

I’m so tired of your bigotry
and all the things you think of me
I’ve had a very fucking long day
and you’re not doing anything to help
don’t say I’m dangerous to your daughter
you don’t look or act like a good mother
how would you fucking know a thing
you don’t even take responsibility for your actions
you don’t have a job and you have no excuse for why
I think I know- it’s because you don’t even try
and you’re probably depressed because you have a shit life
but how about mine
I’m only fifteen
I still have time to get a career
but now I can’t because I’m plagued with fear
and I’ve been thinking about suicide for the past year
and I don’t understand why I’m alive
so don’t JUDGE ME for the things that you see
and try and get to know me
before you ruin everything and anything I had
so don’t JUDGE


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