7 Nov

worn out photographs on the inches of her nails

a quick flip

mindless procession 

Grandfather, you passed away when I was but a child

I do not remember what you look like

Who you are

Nor what made you who you are

But my family recalls that I was the one who cried the most at the funeral

Screaming, clawing


But you did not return my calls

You were gone

I do not recall a single memory.

It is so for many years of my life

I do not recall the time I spend in the Isle of Emerald

Northern Ireland

I recall that I lived there and was met with a sorrow that has haunted me for life

But I cannot recall the sights or the people

It’s all gone

my family prompts me to speak to old friends

But who are they?

What do they know of me now..?

Soon those scratches and jagged lines on my nails

Caused by frantic typing and panic

They resemble worn out photographs

Here, with a quick flip of time

I am at my Great Grandfather’s funeral

No emotion has gone through me

I join the mindless procession

Onward, onward

Maybe closer to you


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