What’s The Use?

8 Nov

So I decided to work on a project based on baking and business related to baking.

The problem is, if I’m making cakes, they have to be from scratch and range between medium-easy to hard.

What my parents expect me to do is make a vanilla/chocolate/marble cake from out of the box and slather it with plastic-y frosting which is all we can afford. I don’t have the space or the funding or the ingredients or the time for this project, but how the hell am I going to get any credits this month???? My GPA (I’m saying this with the utmost shame) is 2.16.


I’m really stressed out…I just don’t know how to fit in any projects that my parents will agree to.  I don’t want to do something simple-minded because that won’t earn me any credits and I won’t learn anything that will improve my future.

On another subject, my hands have failed me and so has my mind.

I cannot write my novel and I missed about 5 days of writing. Novelvember is really going downhill for me and the only other person who understands my trouble is my closest friend.

How do I convince my family that the house has to be absolutely quiet for me to concentrate? That the tv should not be blaring political bullshit while I’m trying to write? How do I convince them that a little money spending will be worth it in the long run?

Ah, well, I’m off to ask for an ice pack or something because I have a headache…and I also believe I have the same set of Virgo-esque stresses that my father has…

How do I eliminate “I can’t” and replace it with “I can.”


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