death is inevitable

21 Jan


orc baby lorge.png

i finished. i finally finished. excuse me as i weep with joy.


1 Mar


1 Mar


request for a friend.

It suffered.

27 Feb


23 Jan

wolf cursor

the code: (copy and paste this after “body” in your HTML)

a, a:hover { cursor:url(‘;), auto }</style>

absinthe bottle

11 Jan

absinthe bottle

this is the absinthe cursor I made in this video. It is not a .cur file, but rather a .png file for blogs or websites. Please use freely and leave credit to Eke Severance/thebohemianblank.

Sincerely, Eke.

6 Jan

violet gumballanti-green gumballgumballorange gumballyellow gumballgreen gumballblue gumball indigo gumball